About Us


Cloud of AmeriGlory is a Cloud Corporate Mantle created to oversee various spheres which includes film and television, clothing, music, publishing, advertising, online internet entertainment programs and systems, and real estate. Therefore, by creating these spheres, it is also our aspiration, ambition, and desire to create and develop new dream job opportunities for the public sector.

At this point of in time, to start things off, we want to kick things off with producing and developing inspirational style feature films titled "THE GENTLEMAN'S PARK AND THE SEASON OF THE GENTLEMANAIRE."

The sole purpose of Cloud of AmeriGlory is to bring about new economic opportunities and economic growth in terms of devising and establishing new dream job opportunities in America. Cloud of AmeriGlory showcase featured projects, sponsors and advertisers on the website as well. Quite often, I have heard numerous friends saying we need new job opportunities. On the other hand, people has mentioned how there aren't enough jobs for college graduates.

Therefore, take this journey with me as we provide a network of new opportunities for individuals seeking a new job profession. We're here to embark on a new journey to broaden people horizons by connecting and uniting with us in setting a foundation for such a time as this.

Therefore, I am taking a step of faith creating an avenue that could bring about new changes and new opportunities for individuals desiring jobs in entertainment, film and television, real estate, construction, clothing, music, advertising, publishing, etc. So you may ask how could this endeavor and enterprise be achieved and accomplished with limited resources. Become a sponsor or advertise with us and give me an opportunity to share my dream, goal, and aspiration with you and I'll make the best out of it. Let us get started soon as possible. Together, we can make it happen!

Cloud of AmeriGlory an advocator, promoter, and campaigner on the behalf of the community to steer new dream job opportunities to the community as well. We'll see what we can do to create new dream job opportunities a reality. As we grow and expand, we want to bring about new changes and share our financial resources with the community so that we may create new dream jobs for individuals seeking new job opportunities. We are definitely striving to make a cohesive effort to ultimately build the waste places.

We want to make a difference in America by stimulating, fostering, and establishing new economic growth opportunities all to the glory of God. We want to increase our chance in having a positive impact in the world. We aim at promoting new growth and advocating new dream job opportunities in America.

The Cloud of AmeriGlory is here to help make a difference in America. With hard work, dedication, and commitment, we are striving to be the best that we can be. With that being said, we are a trustworthy and considerate company.

By becoming a sponsor, it helps us uniquely with assisting us in creating new dream job opportunities and to make a difference in the community. It enables us to move forward with our mission in fostering, nurturing, and promoting growth in the lives of individuals seeking new dream job opportunities. Let us build on this foundation together in hope that we constantly build on faith and works daring to inspire the world all to the glory of God.

When we make a difference in the community, a sponsor plays a vital role to help change things around us and better the lives of people in need of a helping hand. Our commitment is a reflection of the love we share to others by making changes for the better in the world we live in.