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Envision Tuscaloosa, Alabama as an Inspirational Entertainment Capital City

Discover this aspiring film producer's vision for the South

Today's movies and TV shows are filled with discouraging themes, so it's difficult to find entertainment that promotes Christian values. However, a film production company in Tuscaloosa, AL is looking to make a difference in the world of entertainment.

Cloud of AmeriGlory is striving to become a a successful inspirational entertainment company. Although we're primarily a film production company, we're looking to expand into music, advertising, inspirational news, an awards show and real estate.

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Soar the Cloud of AmeriGlory with us

We want to make a difference in America by creating inspiring entertainment and new jobs in film and short feature production, but we can't do that without funding from generous golden stars like you. Become a golden star today to support a Christian-oriented film producer working in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, AL.

Broadening horizons in our backyard

In 2000, film producer Frederick Gray had an epiphany which led him to create inspirational content, including ideas for movies, sitcoms, game shows and dramas. His heart's desire is to present his talent as a gift to the world and expand the South's potential as a global entertainment hub.

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- to form a film production company that will oversee and produce inspirational entertainment, as well as create new economic opportunities and American jobs.


- to position the South as a worldwide leader in inspirational entertainment.


- to produce a united corporation that is made up of individuals who will use their gifts, talents and abilities to help and inspire others to be their best in every endeavor of Christian entertainment.


- to uplift our community by continuously endorsing our values of hope, love and respect from within.


- to produce a successful corporation that will encourage individuals to give the praise, honor and glory to the one that created all things.

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